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  Better Together


We are excited to share that, subject to regulatory approval, we have entered into an agreement to be acquired by Choice Financial - and we are thrilled by the opportunities that this partnership presents!

Why the Partnership?
Approximately 2 years ago, Venture Bank leaders recognized it was time to begin formulating an exit strategy for bank owners. Our mission has always been to help local businesses succeed. The main objective during this search was to find a partner that was aligned with the bank’s values, internal culture and commitment to business banking. Venture Bank found that in Choice Financial Group. 

Choice Financial has the same commitment to customer service that we do. Their culture, referred to as People First, is in direct alignment with our Small is Powerful® business philosophy and we have full confidence that this partnership will continue the legacy of Venture Bank. As you learn more about Choice, we think you will be amazed by the similarities to Venture Bank.

About Choice
Choice Financial is a North Dakota based community bank with $1.26 Billion in assets. They are the #1 Ag Lender and a prominent business bank in North Dakota. They have also been recognized as a “Top 50 Fastest Growing Banks in 20 Years” by Independent Banker magazine. Similar to Venture Bank, Choice Financial is a strong community bank, whose success has been built through their focus on building long term relationships with clients. They have a strong focus on community growth through volunteer opportunities, donations and involvement. And, they have empowered bankers whose customer service attributes are driven by their core values.

Exciting Changes Coming!
While our name will change, business banking will remain our primary focus. And, we are confident that your banking experience will only be enhanced by this partnership. The products and services we provide will largely remain the same. In fact, some will even get better. And, you will have the opportunity to continue working with Venture Bank’s management team that you know and trust.

Choice Financial also offers commercial and consumer insurance, employee benefit administration, and wealth management services. We are so excited about continuing to deliver an exceptional client experience with our combined expertise. As a result, several enhancements will also be made to the products and services we offer today.  We can’t wait to share more information with you about these!

When will the transition occur?
The official sale is expected to occur in Q3 2018. We will continue to operate as Venture Bank until Fall 2018, at which time our name will officially change to Choice Financial. All Venture Bank accounts and services will transition to Choice at this time as well. We are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible for you.

Learn More
In the weeks and months ahead, we will continue to provide updates, but please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. We also encourage you to learn more about Choice Financial and their People First approach by visiting their website at

This is an exciting opportunity for employees and clients of Venture Bank, and we look forward to sharing more with you about how Venture Bank and Choice Financial will be Better Together.